The Power of Prayer

The power of prayer can be such an amazing thing. For example, Cure Clemson’s Executive Board has been in continuous prayer about expansion and getting this organization up and going at Clemson University. The process of creating an organization is quite tough, including many planning sessions, goals, writing a constitution, and reaching out to others. All last semester this was all going on, but throughout it all was prayer.

Walking into that room on Wednesday night was a perfect example of the power of prayer. It was so glorious to see so many new faces in the room. Not only did the new faces mesh with the old, their sincerity about being involved with Cure and helping achieve goals for Cure kids was amazing. There was something about everyone in that room that night and it was them being on fire and wanting to contribute in any way possible. Things cannot be done with one set of hands, but numerous.

1 Thessalonians states, “Never stop praying.” It order to go through with this statement we have to take a step back from our everyday lives and all that we are consumed in, and rather than analyze it, we need to start living it. It is sometimes hard to get out of the habit of saying that you need to change this and that, but instead of sitting there and thinking about all the things you would love to change in your lives, just start doing it. The focus of our lives doesn’t need to be what is happening later today and everything that is going on around us, but rather, just simply put, God.

I pray that as a Cure team that we challenge ourselves to be in constant prayer, not just for our own needs but also for the needs of the ones around us. Sometimes taking a step back from everyday life can be such a healthy thing and can put everything back into reality. I challenge y’all to not just chat with God every now and then about what you need or what you would like to see happen in your future but, rather, be in a constant conversation with Him. After all, He is the best friend that you could ever imagine.

Laura Mallick

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