As we prayed for the CURE hospitals and their countries, we prayed for our hearts to align with the selfless love exemplified by Christ through CURE: 


A dad took his son through the Chic fil A drive thru. As he passed the 8-ct nuggets back to his son, he thought they smelled mighty good. The father reached to take just one nugget, but the son began to wail and snatched all the nuggets for himself. The dad thought, “Dang, who do you think paid for you to eat those nuggets in the first place!?”

This must be how our heavenly Father feels about us as we hold tight to things to enjoy for ourselves.

I pray for our hearts to be quick to sacrifice. I pray we would be willing to die to our wants and instead align our desires with what our Father wants. (When our desires are the same as the Father’s—to bind up the brokenhearted and proclaim the Kingdom of God, this is when we “delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4).

I pray that love and joy would be our go-to actions (even when our emotions tell us to act differently). In the face of hardship, I pray we would say THANK GOD this world is not our home!! and that we find joy in the fact that Christ died to save us because He loves us that much!

So often, I let my emotions tell me, “you’re not really acting like a Christian today, I don’t know if God is realllllly ok with you.” But this is a LIE from the devil. I pray that we remember that God’s love is not dependent on how we feel. He is always carrying us, and He longs for us to accept His abundant grace and follow Him. Know you are forgiven—no matter what.

When I feel like a hypocrite because I’m not perfect, I have to remind myself that the Lord has named me His, and I actually am entitled to share the gospel. Even though we are weak and we fail all the time—the gospel is perfect love and we can rejoice in that together!

I pray we follow Him in the mundane daily activities. I pray that our focus is on the needs of others. I pray that we care for the hurting in distant lands, but I pray we recognize that showing Christ’s love starts right here—in class, in the car, at a party, playing sports, in our social media presence. We are surrounded by God’s children, and Jesus asks us to care for ALL of them with His great love.

I pray we live for a purpose greater than ourselves—to heal the sick and proclaim the Kingdom of God.

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